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Company Profile Video Development History Corporate Culture Business Concepts Honor Department
Unit in charge of business
Chairman/General Manager Decision and Management
Market trends and strategic planning
Performance improvement plan
Establish company goals and operating guidelines
Establish organizational strategy and unit goals
Audit Office Performs an annual audit plan
Establishment, revision and implementation of internal control systems
Establishment, revision and implementation of internal audit implementation rules
The first business unit is responsible for operating and selling IT machinery, mechanical keyboards, mechanical keyboards, etc.
Occupational Safety Room Establishment, maintenance and supervision of industrial safety
Promote and maintain the OHSAS18001 management system
The manager is responsible for the management and supervision of the Department of Production Management, the Department of Production and Management, the Ministry of Environmental Protection and the Engineering Department. Promotes and maintains the capacity planning and construction of the ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and OHSAS198001 management systems.
Business Department timely and effective grasp of procurement needs and specifications
Supplier evaluation and understanding of market price trends
Establish marketing targets to ensure market share and profitability of products
Understand the current and future needs and expectations of customers, including quality compliance, supply, distribution, customer service, price, product liability and impact on the environment, etc.
Production department arrange production planning operation
Fully integrate and coordinate the liaison work between the production department and other units
Master production scheduling and progress, supervise the subordinate units, ensure the smooth production of production, and eliminate abnormal production to achieve various work indicators
R&D department develops and promotes new product plans
Responsible for planning executives, evaluation, discussion and training of various research projects
Provide technical support needed for product production
Submit an evaluation report for the client's entrustment or cooperation plan
Quality Control Department Responsible for the training and management of quality control personnel
Analytical methods to establish, revise and write inspection reports
Confirm that the analytical instrument calibration, SOP, and analytical methods are valid
Confirm the work and report of the quality controller and sampler
The Quality Assurance Department establishes a quality management system that requires all employees to comply and effectively implement
Maintenance of quality system, introduction of relevant laws and regulations of various countries
Do review all documents related to quality
Introduce new regulations in a timely manner and maintain the effective status of existing inspection and registration, so that the quality system meets CGMP requirements.
Lead and accept quality audits from regulatory agencies or customers at home and abroad, and perform internal audits and regular supplier audits
Ministry of Health and Management production and sales schedule planning adjustment, manufacturing order establishment
Really know the quantity of raw materials and finished products
According to the production and sales scheduling, the routine and the production schedule and coordination of the shipping schedule
Chemical safety classification, labeling, and packaging system planning and execution
The Ministry of Environmental Protection strengthens and maintains the ISO14001 management system routinely implemented in air pollution, water pollution, waste, and poisonous chemicals.
Plan for air pollution, water pollution, soil pollution, waste poison, noise operation practices and equipment, and assist in solving practical operational anomalies
Plan air pollution, water pollution, waste, poison record and reporting practices, and coordinate the integration of internal reporting practices, check the content of the report and external audit response
Engineering department
Engineering Responsible for project planning and execution, equipment bargaining, procurement, contracting and coordination of other units
Equipment and computer software and hardware project: standard opening, bargaining, contracting, supervision, acceptance
Outsourcer's ability qualification confirmation
Department of Works Maintenance, Arrangement, Renewal and Implementation
Maintenance of machinery and equipment
Bargaining and supervision of equipment repair
Financial administration department
Financial Planning, execution and management of financial accounting and financial operations
Fund raising scheduling
Long-term investment planning and execution
Administration Department Human Resource Management and Planning, Personnel System Establishment and Implementation
Responsible for daily administrative duties and environmental cleaning of the plant areatd>