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Switch Series

A switch is an electronic element that opens a circuit, interrupts a current, or causes it to flow to another circuit.The most common type of switch is an operating switch that allows to operate a machine or give orders, and has one or more electronic contacts.The closed state of the contact indicates that the electronic contact is on, allowing current to flow through;The open state of the switch means that the electronic contact is not open and current is not allowed to flow through it.XKB switches are divided into: Tact Switch/Slide Switch/Key Switch/Micro Switch/Detection Switch/Multi-function Switch/Switch with LED

Connector Series

Connector Series Electronic connector (also known as circuit connector, electrical connector), is a conducting device that connects electrical circuits.It is widely used in all kinds of electrical circuits, playing the role of connecting or disconnecting circuits.This connection may be temporary and easily interchangeable, or it may be a permanent junction between electrical equipment or wires.XKB connector is divided into: output input connector/board to board connector/wire to board connector/memory card /SIM card connector

Socket Series

Socket, also known as power socket. Socket refers to a socket with one or more circuit connections that can be inserted, and through which various wires can be inserted ,this makes it easier to connect to other circuits.Through the connection and disconnection between the circuit and the copper parts, to achieve on and off of the final part of the circuit.XKB connector is divided into: Audio earphone socket /DC socket /XLR socket /AV socket.