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[technical innovation] guangdong xingkun multi-type output connector has been granted national utility model patent

Release time:2018-12-07 Authoor:xkb Hits:375

       Another utility model patent of Guangdong XKB company was authorized by the state intellectual property office,the patent name is "one-drag multi-type output connector",We XKB company applied to the state intellectual property office in April 2018, involving the field of wiring connector technology.

In recent years, complex circuit connections are often needed in circuit engineering,especially in all kinds of lamps and electrical appliances in parallel usually use a drag multi - line connector,and these one-drag-and-many line connectors are mostly fixed length connectors that don't scale very well,meanwhile,the connector is not set with a shielding layer, which cannot be used normally in the magnetic environment.


         The utility model patent of XKB company puts forward a one - drag multi - type output connectir, connector,the connector can perform a variety of functions by installing FPC plugs, DIP plugs, SMT plugs, and HDMI plugs,effectively solve the problem of complex multi-wire connection and disordered wiring, which shows that the connector is practical.By installing a spring conductor so that the length of the spring conductor can be arbitrarily adjusted,you can straighten it out when you need a long distance and retract it when you don't need it,therefore, it is not easy to untidy knot and avoid unnecessary safety risks.Heat dissipation pads are evenly arranged on both sides of the wire shunt to facilitate heat dissipation of the internal wire and avoid burning the wire due to excessive temperature.Through the uniform setting of waterproof sealing ring, to prevent water from entering the leakage of electricity, which can make the line connector suitable for outdoor environment.By setting up a shielding layer, the connector is convenient for normal use and won't be disturbed by the magnetic field.

The acquisition of this patent shows the strength of XKB company once again and verifies the company's technological innovation ability, which also provides a strong scientific and technological support for future development.