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XKB innovative technology makes tact switch more practical

Release time:2018-12-13 Authoor:xkb Hits:974

         Congratulations to Guangdong XKB company on obtaining the authorization of the state intellectual property office for the invention patent entitled "a portable tact switch",the key advantages of the patent of the utility model is that it not only improves the safety of the tact switch and the convenience of the tact switch, but also avoids the phenomenon that the tact switch starts by mistake.


Nowadays,tact switches are used in a wide range of applications and play an irreplaceable role,however, the general tact switch is inconvenient to carry,and many tact switches have no protection function,this will lead to a tact switch in the process of carrying may cause a false open phenomenon,and bring great trouble to people's use.The research and development of the portable tact switch of XKB company is to solve the above problems and make the tact switch more practical.


In 2018, XKB company actively carried out technological innovation and increased investment in scientific research and technology, and has achieved great results and obtained many utility model patent technology certificates,these patent achievements have witnessed the development process of XKB company step by step and accumulated the driving force for the company's future development.As staffs of XKB, we are growing and striving.


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