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XKB utility model patent

Release time:2018-12-20 Authoor:xkb Hits:449

 As indicated in the patent name, the utility model aims to provide a connector with a fixed structure for detection equipment, so as to solve the problem that the length of the data line of the existing detection equipment connector is fixed and inconvenient to use, and that there are many data lines on the detection equipment and no fixed device is easy to be wound.     


This connector with fixed structure including shell, rotating shaft, data line and data connector,

a rotating shaft is installed at the middle position inside the shell, and a fixed ring is installed at the middle position of the rotating shaft. The data line inside the fixed ring is provided,both ends of the data line extend to the outside of the shell and are equipped with a data connector. A fixed cover is installed near the end of the data line.The fixing block is fixed on the data line inside the fixing cover, and a reset spring is evenly installed between the fixing block and the inner side wall of the fixing cover.The connector is provided by installing a first splint at one end of one side of the housing and two sliders are arranged on the side wall of the housing on one side of the first splint,the second splint is installed through the second slider inside the chute, a screw is installed on one side of the first splint, and one end of the screw runs through the second splint, and a sucker is installed uniformly at one end of the shell,using different methods to fix the connector, so it's easy to use.


In recent years, as one of the leading suppliers of electronic parts listed in China, XKB company has always regarded innovation and improvement of technical ability as the internal driving force to promote the development of the company.Throughout the company's recent five years of development, the news of patent from XKB is constantly, so many patents make XKB position in the industry has been further consolidated, the competitiveness of the market also has been improved.