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How to weld light touch switch products?

Release time:2018-12-20 Authoor:xkb Hits:400

              It is well known that the tact switch has a wide range of applications, and its use makes our life more intelligent and convenient.The tact switch is usually welded to the PCB board,so how are the tact switches welded on,Guangdong XKB technology company from  here to give you a brief introduction of the tact switch welding methods. 

There are three welding methods for tact switch: wave soldering, reflow soldering and manual soldering. 

1.Wave soldering

Wave soldering is used for welding of plug-in electronic components. The welding equipment is a wave soldering machine. The commonly used welding temperature is 3, 6, 8, 10 and 12.The welding temperature should not exceed 240 degrees Celsius /2 seconds or 235 degrees Celsius /5 seconds at the peak of the wave.The advantages of this welding method is its low price, save both time and labour,the disadvantages is that as PCBS get denser and electronic components get smaller,the possibility of bridge connection and short circuit between solder joints has also been increased. 

2.Reflow soldering

Reflow welding is used for welding of SMT type electronic components. The welding equipment is reflow welding machine, which is divided into preheating zone, heat preservation zone, reflow welding zone and cooling zone,the Temperature should not exceed 270 degrees Celsius /2 seconds or 260 degrees Celsius /5 seconds,the advantage of this method is that temperature is easy to control, oxidation can be avoided during welding, and manufacturing cost is easier to control,the disadvantage is that solder collapse can also occur during welding heating,this occurs in both preheating and primary heating,when the preheating temperature is in the range of dozens to 100, the solvent as a component of the solder will reduce the viscosity and flow out.     

3.Manual soldering

Manual welding is also used for welding plug-in electronic components,the welding equipment is electric iron, and the temperature of manual welding iron should be controlled between 320 and 350 degrees Celsius,the welding time should not exceed 2 seconds,the advantage of manual welding is that it can accurately grasp the welding of every component,it is easy to weld,The disadvantage is that it takes too much time and energy. 

Pay attention to control the temperature during welding. If the temperature is too high, it may cause the button cannot be reset,the tact switch manufactured by different manufacturers may have differences in welding temperature control,if you have any problems in the process of welding the tact switch, please contact XKB. We will provide you with detailed introduction. 

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