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The knowledge about waterproof tact switch

Release time:2018-12-24 Authoor:xkb Hits:460

       We are living in an age of electronics, where we can see all kinds of electrical equipment,whether it is high-end equipment such as medical and military industry or small household appliances, switch control is indispensable,with the advancement and development of intellectualization, people are pursuing high quality of life and paying attention to security, and they also put forward requirements for the intelligent waterproof performance of various electric appliances,small switches also need to be waterproof,here XKB Technology Company briefly introduce the knowledge about waterproof tact switch to you. 

The tact switch is a kind of electronic switch,when it is used, the pressure switch function is closed to the operating direction according to the operating force,when the pressure is removed, the switch is disconnected,its internal structure is achieved by the force change of metal shrapnel.The tact switch is composed of insert, base, shrapnel, button and cover plate,due to the advantages of small size, ultra-thin, small force and various sizes, the tact switch is popular in many industries in the market and is the fastest growing product in recent years.     

              Water-proof tact switch is a kind of tact switch. Water-proof tact switch is to add a layer of polyimide film on the shrapnel.Waterproof tact switch is a kind of switch that can be soaked in water or rain and won't fail. Generally, the level of waterproof tact switch is IP67,the two numbers behind IP indicate the level of protection security,the first number is the solid state protection level, which ranges from 0 to 6. The second number is the level of liquid protection, which ranges from 0 to 8,the bigger the two Numbers behind IP, the stronger the protection and security capability,an IP67 switch provides complete protection against airborne dust,at the same time, it operates steadily at a temperature of about 1 meter under water, and will not be damaged for about 30 minutes.In addition, there are a variety of water-proof tact switches, such as 6*6, 8* 8,10 *10, etc,different products require different specifications,when selecting them, we should know well and choose water-proof tact switches of different levels and specifications according to the requirements of different products. 

In view of the wide range of applications of the waterproof tact switch, the waterproof tact switch also has a great space for development,and can develop towards the direction of more miniaturization, thin type, multi-function, high precision and long life. 

Guangdong XKB technology company has been focusing on r&d and production of tact switch for more than 20 years. The product specifications are complete and can be customized according to customer requirements.While ensuring the quality of products, compared with the peer products more cost-effective.Welcome to XKB's official website to learn more about XKB brand