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What is the waterproof micro switch?

Release time:2019-01-03 Authoor:xkb Hits:494

       Nowadays, electrical equipment is updated rapidly, and various switches are being upgraded and improved, which make our life more convenient,Among the varieties switches one of the switches is called a micro switch because of the relatively small distance between contacts, which is also known as a sensitive switch,with the improvement of people's safety awareness, more attention is paid to the protective performance of the switch,so is there a waterproof micro switch?of course there are,the following is the definition of the waterproof micro switch.    

              The waterproof micro switch is a contact structure with tiny contact interval and quick movement mechanism, which makes the switch action with specified travel and specified force.In the type of the waterproof micro switch, compared with the semiconductor switch with the characteristics of the waterproof micro switch, the function of the switch is realized through the mechanical switch of the contact. 

Waterproof micro switch also has different classification, can be divided into small, subsmall, normally open, normally closed, etc., the overall characteristic is small size, through the rubber sealing ring and epoxy resin filling to achieve stable sealing,the waterproof micro switch can be used in places that will be wet or dusty, with different waterproof levels. 

The waterproof micro switch is widely used in cold, wet, dust and other harsh environments, such as automobile, spraying equipment, refrigerator, ice maker, bathroom equipment, air conditioner, water heater and some outdoor equipment and instruments. 

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