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Material Number Information
Technical drawings
Product use
Technical features
  • Product Model:DC-C300-5.5A-1.65
  • Category:DC Socket
  • Central pin:1.65
  • Overall dimension:
  • Height from mounting surface(mm):
  • Shield:is
  • Installation mode:Through hole
  • Electrical parameters:
  • Direction:Horizontal
  • Outer hole:6
  • Waterproof grade:
Product Number and Description The state of production Shipment cycle Gross weight Unit price with tax Stock Order Quantity operation
In production 2 week Sample Application

Industrial electronics, security, military, aerospace, automotive, communications medical, household appliances and consumer electronics

These are just some of the most common uses and do not include all applications.

  • Application

    Household appliances

    Household appliances mainly refer to all kinds of electrical appliances and electronic appliances used in homes and similar places, also known as civil appliances and daily appliances.Household appliances liberate people from the heavy, trivial and time-consuming housework, create a more comfortable and beautiful living and working environment that is more conducive to physical and mental health, and provide rich and colorful cultural and entertainment conditions.
产品材质Center pin:Brass  tin

Terminal 1:Phosphor Bronze   tin

Terminal 2:Phosphor Bronze   tin

Terminal 3:Phosphor Bronze   tin



Cover Palte:SUS

环境条件Temperature range:-20 °C/+70 °C

Mating cycles:≥ 5000

Insertion force:≤ 30 N  *1

Withdrawal force:3–30 N  *2

电气数据Contact resistance:≤ 30 mΩ

Rated current:5.5 A

Rated voltage:20 V DC

Rated impulse voltage:250 V/60 s