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Material Number Information
Technical drawings
Product use
Technical features
  • Product Model:TS-1824SR-X
  • Category:Tact Switch
  • Operating mode:Vertical Type
  • Waterproof grade:
  • Stroke types:
  • Supporting frames:without
  • Overall dimension:
  • Operating feeling:Sensibility
  • Installation mode:SMT type
  • Height from mounting surface(mm):
Product Number and Description The state of production Shipment cycle Gross weight Unit price with tax Stock Order Quantity operation
TS-1824SR-C In production 2 week 0.000000 5000 Add to cart
Sample Application
TS-1824SR-B In production 2 week 0 Add to cart
Sample Application

Industrial electronics, security, military, aerospace, automotive, communications medical, household appliances and consumer electronics

These are just some of the most common uses and do not include all applications.

  • Application

    Household appliances

    Household appliances mainly refer to all kinds of electrical appliances and electronic appliances used in homes and similar places, also known as civil appliances and daily appliances.Household appliances liberate people from the heavy, trivial and time-consuming housework, create a more comfortable and beautiful living and working environment that is more conducive to physical and mental health, and provide rich and colorful cultural and entertainment conditions.

2.coverkapton filmPI    Tin plated


5.TerminalBrass(0.30t) ag Plated


100000cycles /160gf


初期接触电阻100mΩ max.

使用温度范围-30℃ to +85℃

工作温度-25℃ to +75℃

最大额定(电阻负载)50mA 12V DC

最小额定(电阻负载)10µA 1V DC

电性能耐电压250V AC for 1 min.

绝缘电阻100MΩ min. 100V DC for 1min.

耐环境性能耐寒性能-30±2℃ for 96h

耐热性能80±2℃ for 96h

耐湿性能60±2℃, 90 to 95%RH for 96h



1. 加热方式远红外线加热的上下加热方式
2. 温度测量方式用φ0.1〜φ0.2的CA(K)或CC(T)测量。位置在焊连接部(铜箔面)测量。固定方式采用耐热胶带。
3. 温度分布

(1) 上述条件,为印刷电路板的零部品表面的温度。根据电路板的材质,大小,厚度等,电路板温度和开关表面温度会有很大的不同,关于开关表面温度,也请在上述条件内使用。
(2) 根据贴面焊槽的种类,条件不同结果不同,请事先充分进行确认之后使用。

手焊接时焊接温度350℃ max.

连续焊接时间3s max.

焊剂斗容量60W max.