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Shareholders' meeting is the company's supreme authority to make decisions on major issues such as company capital increase, benefit distribution, election of directors or supervisors.

The board of directors is the decision-making body of the company's strategy and management, guiding and supervising the company's overall business operations, and making decisions on major issues in the company's operations.

The main occupations of the Board of Supervisors include internal and external compliance supervision, inspection of the company's financial and operational status, supervision of the performance of the directors and senior management personnel and the operation of the board of directors.

The company implements the ceo rotation system under the leadership of the board of directors. During the rotation period, the rotating CEO have the highest responsibility for the company's operation management and crisis management, and is responsible for the company's survival and development.

The company provides innovative, differentiated and leading solutions to different customers, and continuously enhances the company's competitiveness, customer satisfaction. The customersisrelated to the business results, risks and market competitiveness.

The regional branch is the company's regional business center, responsible for the construction and effective use of abilities of the region, and is responsible for the company's strategy in the area. The company continus to optimize regional organizations, intensified and accelerated the authorization to the first-line branches, and the guiding power and on-site decision-making power gradually moved forward to the representative office. The branch company further supports the company's healthy, sustainable and effective growth while establishing closer relationships and partnerships with its customers and helping customers achieve business success.

The company's functional platform is a platform that focuses on the support, service and supervision of the business, providing timely, accurate and effective services to the branch, and strengthening supervision while fully empowering the branch.