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Employee Care Green Policy ESH
Occupational Safety and Health Policy - "Compliance with regulations, suitability, full participation, continuous improvement, and responsibilities"

In order to comply with international conventions and national work safety regulations, and to maintain industrial safety and employee health, Xingkun XKB has established a good occupational safety and health management system to ensure the maintenance of occupational safety and health, to prevent hazards, prevent occupational injuries, and pursue zero occupational disasters. With determination, Xingkun XKB implements full participation and continuously improves safety and health management to reduce occupational safety and health risks, create a healthy and comfortable working environment, ensure employee safety, and achieve sustainable business.

1. Compliance with regulations: Comply with international conventions, national occupational safety and health regulations and other requirements, establish a good occupational safety and health management system to ensure occupational safety and health.
2. Suitable for operation: Ensure that the management system is suitable for the nature and scale of the organization and regularly review the occupational safety.
3. Full participation: Advocate the concept of correct occupational safety and health, develop good habits of safety and health, and participate in occupational safety and health activities.
4. Continuous improvement: Implement the regulations of occupational safety and health management, regularly audit and review the effectiveness of its implementation, and strive to continue operations.
5. Responsibility: To disclose the company's occupational safety and health policy and implementation status to stakeholders, and contribute to the implementation of occupational safety and health.
Environmental Policy - "Compliance with regulations, use of resources, full participation, continuous improvement, corporate image, corporate responsibility"

In order to comply with international environmental protection regulations and comply with national environmental protection laws and regulations, Xingkun XKB has established an ISO14001 environmental management system to ensure the quality of the environment, to achieve environmental protection standards, to protect the environment, to save energy and reduce carbon emissions, and to implement industrial waste reduction and recycling of resources. Reuse and continue to improve implement full participation in green environmental protection activities, advocate correct environmental protection concepts to manufacturers and the public, maintain the natural environment of the earth, and ensure the sustainable green operation of enterprises.

1. Compliance with laws and regulations: comply with international conventions, national environmental laws and regulations, and establish a sound environmental management system to ensure environmental quality.
2. Make good use of resources: use advanced technology and equipment, and commit to environmental protection, energy conservation, industrial waste reduction and resource recycling.
3. Full participation: Advocate correct environmental protection concepts, develop good habits of anti-pollution and waste reduction, and participate in green environmental protection activities.
4. Continuous improvement: Implement various environmental management regulations, regularly audit and review the effectiveness of its implementation, continue to improve, and work hard for sustainable development.
5. Corporate image: Provide environmental information and experience exchange, so that the public, customers and suppliers can understand the company's environmental policy.
6. Corporate Responsibility: Disclose the environmental policy and implementation status of the company to the public, and contribute to the harmonious coexistence of the earth with nature.