Companies investor relations management to strengthen the communication between the company and the investors and potential investors, deepen understanding of the company  and investors, promote long-term, stable good relations between companies and investors, improve the company's integrity, the core competitive power and sustainable development  ability, to maximize the value of the company and shareholder interest maximization as the goal, in an objective, true, accurate and complete introduction and reflect the company's actual situation, through effective communication to enhance the value of the company for the purpose, adhere to the principle of fair, open, fair, in abide by state laws and regulations and the shenzhen stock exchange listed company information disclosure rules under the premise of company guarantee all the investors shall enjoy the right to know and other legitimate rights and interests. Each natural month on the first Wednesday investors fixed Open Day for the company(preliminary results, letters, and regularly report before the disclosure of the quiet period except), investors can by telephone, email, etc to the company's securities legal department to make an appointment to attend.

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