The board of shareholders will be the highest authority in the company, making decisions on major issues such as capital increase, profit distribution, election of directors/supervisors, etc.

The board of directors is the decision-making body of the company's strategy and operation management. It directs and supervises the overall operation of the company, and makes decisions on major issues in the strategy and operation of the company.

Main duties and responsibilities of the board of supervisors including internal and external compliance supervision, check the company's financial and company, to the behavior of the directors and senior management personnel in performing duties and regulatory oversight board operation.

The company carries out the rotating CEO system under the leadership of the board of directors, which is responsible for the company's survival and development during the rotating period as the company's management and the most responsible person in crisis management.

Company, respectively, an operator customer/industry and enterprise customers solutions marketing, sales and service management and support organization, according to different customer's business characteristics and operation laws provide innovation, differentiation, leading solutions, and constantly improve the industry competitiveness of the company and customer satisfaction;The client is the end - to - end operation organization for the end product users, responsible for the operation results, risks, market competitiveness and customer satisfaction.

The regional branch is the regional operation center of the company, which is responsible for the construction and effective utilization of various resources and capacities in the region, and is responsible for the landing of the company's strategy in the jurisdiction area.The company continuously optimizes the regional organization, enlarges and speeds up the authorization to the first-line branch, and the right of direction and the decision-making power of the field is gradually moved to the representative office.The branch will further support the healthy and sustainable growth of the company while establishing closer contact and partnership with customers and helping customers achieve commercial success.

The company's functional platform is a platform focusing on the support, service and supervision of the business, providing timely and accurate and effective service to the front, and strengthening supervision while fully delegating the authority to the front.

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