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What shrapnel is used for the tact switch
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In this age of electronics, a variety of electrical products make our life more convenient and improve our quality of life,but we often hear someone complaints that the appliance is broken again even stop working,that's terrible and none of us want to meet this situation,it can be seen that the function of the switch is so great that all kinds of electrical appliances can really be controlled by the switch if they want to work normally.The small switches record the number of times an appliance is used and determine its life.

Here we're going to talk about the tact switch that we see in everyday life,they are compact and light, beautiful in appearance and long in service life, so they are widely used in our life,such as remote control, TV, microwave, rice cooker, digital camera, MP3, MP4, audio and other products.The tact switch is composed of insert, base, shrapnel, button and cover plate. The waterproof tact switch will add a layer of polyimide film inside,among these And the shrapnel is the heart part of a tact switch,we often talk about how the switch feels, which is controlled by the shrapnel,its quality affects the use times of the tact switch and indirectly affects the service life of electrical products.

The shrapnel of tact switch has circle, square, triangle, ellipse, etc., and different shapes with different travel.The inner triangles and ellipses are rarely seen in the tact switch, generally we can see square shrapnel and round shrapnel.Squares and circles have advantages in shape, handling and stroke.Round shrapnel is used most,it is one of the shortest line distances of each shrapnel shape.The material of the shrapnel is phosphorous copper and stainless steel,many domestic manufacturers will choose phosphocopper shrapnel, because it is cost-effective to reduce costs,the drawback is that the shrapnel is not as resistant to temperature as stainless steel,after the furnace temperature will produce a change, easy to shrink so that the handle becomes bad,while stainless steel shrapnel cost is higher, but not easy deformation,the stainless steel shrapnel has high precision, good feel and comfortable key, which makes the tact switch have a longer service life.

Here I recommend some domestic tact switch brands that feel good to everybody for reference,CHINT,DELIXI,ALPS,XKB.ALPS brand tact switches have the advantages of high temperature resistance, long service life, and waterproof,XKB switches use stainless steel shrapnel imported from Taiwan and Japan,each switch can be guaranteed to have a life of no less than 100,000 times.Now more and more domestic customers have replaced the tact switch of imported ALPS with XKB brand,in terms of sexual price and delivery date, it is more in line with domestic demand,after all, the XKB brand is perfectly capable of meeting the market demand for small tact switches with easy deflection.

In short the tact switch shrapnel is very important,be sure to know the material of the shapnel when buying,choosing the right light touch switch to make sure our electrical products work well.


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