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Occupational safety and health policy - "compliance with regulations, fit for operation, full participation, continuous improvement, responsibility and honor"

Commitment to comply with the international conventions and the national work safety laws and regulations, maintain the industrial safety and employee health, star of XKB, establish a good job and develop management system to ensure the maintenance of occupational safety and health, to prevent harm, prevention of occupational injuries and illnesses, pursue zero position of the determination of disasters, the star of XKB, implementation of full participation, continuous improvement, safety and health management to reduce job develop risk, to create a healthy and comfortable working environment and ensure the safety of the employees so as to achieve sustainable development.

1.Compliance with regulations: comply with international conventions, national regulations on occupational safety and health and other requirements, and establish a good occupational safety and health management system to ensure occupational safety and health.
2.Fit to operate: ensure that management systems are appropriate to the nature and size of the organization, and periodically review job security.
3.Total participation: advocate correct concept of occupational safety and health, develop good habits of safety and health, and participate in occupational safety and health activities.
4.Continuous improvement: implement the regulations of occupational security and health management, check and review the implementation results regularly, and work hard for continuous operation.
5.Responsibility and honor: to disclose the company's occupational safety and health policy and implementation status to stakeholders, and contribute to the implementation of occupational safety and health.
Environmental policy - "compliance with regulations, resources utilisation, full participation, continuous improvement, corporate image, corporate responsibility"

To comply with international environmental standards, in line with the state environmental protection laws and regulations, the star of XKB established ISO14001 environmental management system, to ensure the quality of environment, to achieve environmental protection standards, is committed to environmental protection and energy saving carbon reduction, and the implementation of industrial waste minimization, resource recycling, and continue to improve, to carry out the full participation of green environmental protection activities, to manufacturers and the public right advocate environmental protection concept, maintaining the earth natural ecological environment, ensure enterprise sustainable green management.

1.Compliance with laws and regulations: comply with international conventions, national laws and regulations on environmental protection, and establish a sound environmental management system to ensure environmental quality.
2.Make good use of resources: use advanced technology and equipment, devote to environmental protection, energy conservation, industrial waste reduction and resource recycling.
3.Total participation: advocate correct environmental concepts, develop good habits of pollution prevention and waste reduction, and participate in green environmental activities.
4.Continuous improvement: implement the regulations of environmental management, check the effectiveness of its implementation regularly, make continuous improvement and strive for sustainable operation.
5.Corporate image: to provide environmental information and experience exchange, so that the public, customers and suppliers can understand the company's environmental policies.
6.Corporate responsibility: make public our environmental policies and implementation status to the public, and contribute to the earth's harmonious coexistence with nature.

Corporate mission
   XKB:Xlt Knightly Brains
   XKB:Intend the star to be brilliant,if it is here.
        The topography of big,Hold world with virtue.
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   Inspirational to be the world's best zero - component service provider!
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